Geocache Logo

Geocache Logo

Most weekends i go walking with my girlfriend and my friend Peter, we usually amble around the fields of south Warwickshire and the Cots-wolds, but last weekend we did something different… we went Geocaching!

So what is Geocashing?.. well i found out about Geocaching a few weeks back, don’t ask me how, i cant remember but i did and its basically a global treasure hunt where people have hidden boxes and tubs all over the place and posted the coordinates up on the geocache website so people with GPS devices can co and find them. inside the box’s is usually a logbook so you can write down when you found it and often some small treasure in the form of a keyring or a small kids toy. you can take anything you want from the box as long as you add something else of a similar value.

so i took a look on the website and discovered there a loads of these caches.. and mean thousands, I’m surrounded by them here in Stratford-Upon-Avon. but as we wanted a walk as well as a treasure hunt i found a trail somebody had made near Wellesbourne, by Charlecote park. the train involved 16 Geocache’s and there where another 2 odd ones along the way. So i downloaded the coordinates into to my Gamin Vista GPS (which to my surprise has a dedicated Geocache function) and made a note of the hints and off we went.

The walk was about 6 miles and took us around 3 hours with the stops to find the Geocache’s you can view the route we took.


wellesbourne geocache route

wellesbourne geocache route

The first cache i could not find and was a bit gutted about but the second one was much easier and i spotted it before the others. i was jumping with joy at my first find and we gained a keyring of the globe and left behind an amusing badge for the next person. we carried on through the 18 caches on our route finding all but 3, and we all managed to spot them, despite my Peter stealing all the clues to try and find the goods first.

I’ve just logged into the website to comment on the caches i found and it was pleasing to see that some of the ones i did not find other have still managed to locate.

It was a very enjoyable day our and a nice change from our usual walks, tho it did take us longer to get around and took away from just enjoying the views and fresh air.

I think ill be doing lots more Geocaching in the future but still find time for simple relaxing walks as well.

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