The Roache’s

All of us at the top of the roaches

First stop… The TOP!

So i went walking in peak district back in september, it wasn’t my first visit to the Peaks, as i stayed there in the spring but on this trip we were heading to the roaches. The roaches are the only real ‘Peak’ in the peak district as the rest of the national park is mostly valleys and dales. We set out early on Saturday morning and arrived to meet our friends from north Wales and Manchester at 10.30. the weather was quite good in late September but we all packed our waterproofs for the inevitable rain that was due later in the day.

The walk we took was about 8 miles, and for the most part we stayed on the tracks, reaching the highest point of 505 meters quite soon and enjoying the views across the surrounding area. There are lots of rocky outcrops along here which are very popular with climbers, in fact there where people climbing everywhere, naturally this meant we had to as well and we stopped quite often to do some bouldering.

roaches 2After we reached the end of the roaches and took lunch and headed back along a more wooded walk, this passed through a place called Lud’s Church. Not actually a church as we found out but a fantastic deep chasm penetrating the Millstone Grit bedrock. This place was very cool and well worth the long walk here to walk through the chasm, a very spooky but exciting place to see.

On our return journey we took a unexpected detour off the well trodden path due to a map reading error and an overwhelming sense of adventure which took us down a very steep bank, over a rather perilous river (well not that perilous but we made a big deal about whether it could be crossed until i made a fantastic leap over to the other side) and then up an perilous hillside animal track.

After the steep assent from the valley floor we found ourselves back on much easier ground and the girls and boys split, we had seen a large bouldering rock perched on the hillside and couldn’t resist the challenge, the girls being less interested in the climbing decided to take a break and watch from afar.The rock in question was an excellent bouldering challenge and my friend Mark excelled us all by scaling both the back and much more difficult front side, with myself and Parker settling with lower back climb and standing with Triumph on our conquered rock.

The River

The ‘Not so’ impassable river

The rest of the walk was much less eventful, and quite a bit more miserable as the promised rain made its appearance. We marched on back to the cars and headed off to our chosen campsite, setting up our mahoosive new tent went smoothly even in the wind and rain and off to the local pub we went for well deserved tea and plenty of cider

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