The Cotswold Way – Part Two


Craig looking at a sheep

After completing the first leg of the Cotswold way, the following weekend came upon us very quickly and we pushed ourselves into the second leg of this walk, fortunately the second section only demanded a 8 mile walk but with me nursing a mild cold even this would seem like a long way.

First thing on Sunday we where of to our start point of Stanton via our end point of Winchcombe, a place neither of us had visited before. To be honest Winchcombe was a bit shabby in comparison to the

lovely villages we had passed so far but still had some Cotswold charm. Back in Stanton we parked up, dawned our walking boots and headed out, we where still amazed with how beautiful Stanton was, all the village charm of Broadway without the tourists.

Stone Viewing Seat

Stone Viewing Seat

For once we were not greeted with a hill to climb right from, the start, instead a gentle walk across the farmers fields slowly rising above the countryside with beautiful views across the plains, the Warwickshire and Worcestershire steam railway could be seen in the distance and the sound of the steam engine’s could be heard chutteing through the landscape.

On the journey we stumbled across a few interesting sights, peter continued his quest of trying to touch random animals, this time he got is hands on some pigs in a barn we passed, and we found a large stone pillar which seemed to be a single seat to admire the views, it was very odd sat out on its own on top of the hill side. we also stopped at Hailes Abbey, a 13th century Cistercian abbey. The abbey grounds are closed during the winter but a easy hop over the gate allowed us to walk around and enjoy our lunch in the ruins.

The whole walk seemed to pass very quickly this week, and without to much strain, i can only hope the future ones are as easy as this, we soon finished back in whinchcombe and head back to Stratford-upon-avon for a well earned curry.


The pig that peter touched


Stanton – Winchcombe

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