Sheffield Pike


Silly Jumping Photos are Mandatory

Silly Jumping Photos are Mandatory

So once again many months have past since my last blog post and i apologise to my 4 readers. Ive been on a few walks since my last posts, and today I’m going to tell you all about Sheffield Pike.

Now Sheffield pike (675m) is a rarely walked mountain that is overshadowed by its big neighbour Helvellyn (950m) which is the mountain that we turned up to climb in June this year. The whole point to climbing Helvellyn is to walk along a rather scary ridge called striding edge, but on the day of our walk the weather was miserable, cloudy and damp which means we wouldn’t get to enjoy the views and the insanity of walking along striding edge so we abandoned the plan and decided to have a go at Sheffield pike instead….


Map reading with mint cake!

Map reading with mint cake!

We started the day in the best way possible, falling out of our tent in the campsite at Glenridding which myself Lou and Jamie had driven to the night before, and I cooked up bacon & eggs and enjoyed a hot cup of tea with Claire and her brother Mike. soon we where ready to head of on our walk and up Sheffield Pike.

As our route up the mountain started to get steep we stopped for our usual photo of us jumping in the air and then began to tackle the tough climb up the mountain side, the track was clearly not walked often and it was easy to meander off in the wrong direction, but after an hour of up hill walking and scrambling we made it to the plateau on top of Sheffield pike. By This time our visibility has reduced to about 2 meters as we walked through clouds trying to find the trig point, the highest spot on the Sheffield pike.


Top of the.... hill

Top of the…. hill

After was seemed like an age of walking along the muddy track on top of Sheffield pike we found the trig point, got ourselves a group photo and hunkered down in a small stone shelter built by walkers to hide from the wind where we tucked into our sandwich’s and pasties. After a job well done we heading down the other side of the mountain, crossing a river and back to camp. the walk down was quite relaxed although Jamie nearly lost he shoe in some Rather squelchy bog-land.

We rounded the day off with a hearty meal in the local pub and a few well deserved pints, it was a good trip up to the lake district, even if we didn’t get to climb Helvellyn.

Big Thanks to Jamie for driving and Claire for organising the walk

Me & Jamie looking wet

Me & Jamie looking wet


Pretty View

Pretty View

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