Sri Lanka Part 1

Sri Lanka

So it’s been a while since my last blog post despite having been on plenty of adventures that have been worthy of sharing. But back in February I was fortunate to go on a big eastern trip and visit Sri Lanka.

Much like my last big trip it was planned to be a ‘moving about’ trip in which i hoped to visit a lot of different places and get a feel for the different areas of the country, so myself and Lou flew out on a cold February morning for a 21 hour mammoth journey through Manchester and Qatar to Colombo for the last 4 hours to taken in a dodgy looking minivan in the night and the pouring rain with a driver who seemed to have never driven in such conditions before! we eventually arrived at our first stop over in Hikkaduwa.

We arrived weary and in need of sleep but where greeted by the familiar face of a friend and we spent the evening relaxing, catching up and listening the waves of the sea roaring in the darkens just meters away from our rather nice boutique villa hotel. The next day we spent walking along the beach, snorkeling with the fish’s and stumbled across a huge green turtle that was feeding in the shallows followed later by a mammoth curry from our host’s villa which gave us a real taste of traditional Sri Lankan food.

The next day our friend was off back to the shining lights of Singapore and we traveled by train south to the fort city of Galle, Build up by the Portuguese and later the Dutch we spent 2 days and nights exploring the fort and surrounding area, sampling the food and the shops, exploring the walls and museums and eating plenty of cake. We had hoped to get out and do a bit more but the heat (35c and very humid) subdued us into simply relaxing and being lazy tourists.

We left Galle early in the morning in a taxi that took us further south to Marisa where we boarding a boat to spend the day whale watching with ‘Raja and the Whales’. We headed out just after sunrise as many of the fishermen seemed to be returning with their catch. And it was not long until we were greeted with a pod of 100 dolphins, jumping out of the water at the bow of our boat so close you could almost tough them. Later a shoal of 20 or more flying fish skimmed atop of the wave’s right next to me which really took me by surprise. A few hours later after our boat now above the deep trench that the whales here use as they navigate around the south of Sri Lanka we had our first siting of the largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale. 6 times we watched this huge animal surface and it was certainly a sight worth the 4 hours to get here for. As we headed back to shore we stumbled upon another huge green turtle swimming along in the middle of the ocean before we landed back in Marissa feeling very sea sick.


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