So thanks to a very kind offer of use of a time share in Mallorca myself and Lou found ourselves jetting off to sunny Spain for a week. It’s not a destination we would have picked ourselves but we as the date drew nearer we got rather excited about having a lazy week in some guaranteed sun and warm weather.

We flew out after work on Friday and after an interesting flight resulting in a couple of the passengers getting a police escort from the plane, an hour wait to get the hire car, a ‘free’ car upgrade which landed me driving a massive ford focus estate (which I was not to happy about! I drive a micra, so driving this Leviathan on the wrong side of the road was a challenge) we arrived at our rather lovely villa sometime after midnight.

The first day few days was very chilled, only venturing out to get Gin and a bit of shopping for the coming week and an afternoon trip to Santanyí for some lunch and a mooch around the quaint little village. But the 3rd day brought a more energetic trip up to the north to visit a wetland bird sanctuary where we caught sight of dozens of birds, a turtle and a little snake that Lou though was dead… however upon nudging it with her shoe it leapt into life startling Lou before slithered away into the undergrowth. We rewarded our walking efforts in the wetlands with a cool drink and a swim in the sea before heading back to our villa.

A couple of days and plenty of gin and swimming later we took a trip by rail from Palma to Soller on a very old wooden train that carves its way up and then tunnels through the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range. The train snakes around the mountain range and through lemon and orange plantations so close that you could almost reach out of the window and grab some as you pass.

Sollor was a lovely town and we enjoyed a tapas and ginger ale lunch before nosing around the shops and stalls and visiting the church of Sant Bartomeu. After lunch we took the tram that runs to the nearby town of Port De Soller, a beautiful cove that we could paddled along the sore and enjoy a smoothy before we heading back to Palma on the mountain train. The next day was another day trip to the lovely little town of Arta where we perused the shops, marvelled at the elaborate church interior and climbed to the top of the fort where we could survey the island from. A short drive east then took us to the Cuevas del Drach, a recommendation from a stranger at the airport turned out to be the the most impressive cave complex i had ever seen, the stalagmites and stalactites where huge and in there thousands and it all ended with a live classical music concert and a boat trip across the underground Lake Marte.
Our final day was spend in city of Palma. It was a blisteringly hot and we wondered the the ancient streets popping into shops and exploring the vibrant food market where we were wooed by the very tasty cured meats. Lunch and ice-cream followed as we walked around admiring the amazing art nouveau architecture of the city which had taken us by surprise. We ended the day and our trip with a final drink looking out at the massive Gothic Cathedral that dominates the sea front.

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