Sri Lanka: Part 2

So after the Excitement of the whale watching trip we traveled on further south to spend a couple of days in a quiet beach location, we were here to do nothing but to soak up the sun, swim in the sea and unwind and it was the perfect place for that. We spent two blissful days on sun lounger’s just inches from the lapping waves, reading and playing games while the beach hut bar supplied us with fresh coconuts and fizzy drinks. Popping into the water every few hours for a swim and to get knocked over by the big breakers. We are not ones for doing nothing but having a couple if days was perfect to relax before we moved on to our next adventure, safari!

We left the beach and sun loungers behind and headed inland to the town of Tissa. With 3 nights here we had the opportunity to go on safari, something Lou has always wanted to do. Our hotel on the river, with the odd monkey swinging through the tree was very comfortable and we learnt a new game ‘Carron’ from the hotel owner, it’s like playing pool with your fingers. We went on two safaris, the first was to Yala National park, famed for being one of the only places you can see wild leopards. In the early hours we boarded our open sided jeep and set of for the national park and spent the morning driving around the wonderful park spotting all manner of animals, the list of animals we stumbled across was huge and we were lucky enough to see elephants, crocs, monkeys, monitor lizards, Lots of different birds, a few busloads of peacocks and a very very distant leopard in a tree.

We returned to the hotel to relax afterwards and then took a stroll along Tissa Wewa (the local reservoir. We watched the sun set over the lake and the hundreds of birds coming to roost in the lakes island trees. Shortly followed by hugs fruit bats filling the ski.

The next day we set out on our second wildlife trip, this time to Bundala national park. This is much less visited and is more known for its huge and varied bird populations. I lost count of the amount of species we encountered and Lou was in her prime, identifying them all in here Sri Lankan Bird book. After a few stops to enjoy the views we headed back to our hotel bringing an end to the wild life part of our trip.



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