My First Canoe

My CanoeMy First Canoe

so a few weeks ago i got the idea from my sister to buy a canoe… i have been thinking about getting out on the water for a while now and my girlfriend has always enjoyed kayaking so i felt i should try some water based sporty thing

i decided to get a canoe, it seems like a cool thing to do, i figured i could squeeze a tent in the back and maybe go on some kind of canoe weekend or something, anyway i had i an idea and that’s all i need to buy something silly!

i decided quite quickly that i could only really get an inflatable canoe, i don’t have much space to keep a canoe or a car to move it around (i have only got little Micra) so an inflatable canoe seemed best, i can keep it in my cellar and easily put in the boot to take out with me. after some searching on the Internet i first came across the Sevylor Canyon near the bottom of the price range and could provided a quick cheap start to my canoeing hobby, but after some research i found that it was prone to leaks! not a good sign so this was out of the running for me. After further searching and reviews i finally came to settle on the Sevylor Colorado, a more expensive but much better quality boat. ill be writing a full review on it soon, but for now you can read my review on the Review Center. I found the boat at a reduced price from gwdoling where i managed to purchase the Boat, a set of Sevylor collapsible awes/paddle and a foot pump.

My canoe arrived 2 days later and and i couldn’t be more excited, that weekend i took it down the river Avon (a 3 minute walk from my house) with my girlfriend Louise and our friend Peter. we pumped it up and quickly jumped in for a play. we had a good just paddling around the weir, trying it with 1 person kayak style or with two of us paddling. it was allot of fun even though we were not going anywhere.

To have a boat on the Avon river you need to have a licence from the Avon Navigation Trust which for a canoe is £2 a day or £20 for the year, but they wont give you one without having 3rd party insurance for your boat (its madness that i need insurance for an inflatable). i soon found out however that by joining the British Canoe Union for £30 a year i get both insurance for my boat and a licence that covers me for all British Waterways canals and navigation’s as well as many rivers including the Avon. this seems like a much better deal so i signed up and have my licence to canoe!

Ill be taking the Canoe on a longer stretch of the canal soon and let you know how i get on.

Happy Paddling

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